Prospective PhD students: I will be reading applications for the PhD program in Psychology & Neuroscience, the Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program, and the joint PhD program between Psychology & Neuroscience and Public Policy for Fall 2018.

Prospective post-docs: I am not actively recruiting post-docs (until we get another research grant), but if you think our lab is an ideal fit, please email me.

Prospective undergraduate students: Please email me if you are interested in joining the lab and we can find a time to meet.


Neuroscience Applications for Everyday Decision Making (NEUROSCI / PSY 462S)
Advanced seminar that evaluates whether neuroscientific research can improve human decision making and make the world a better place for individuals and society. Focus on a broad range of decisions and behaviors related to growing up and growing old, spending money, judging and interacting with others, maintaining emotional, cognitive, and physical health, and protecting the planet. 
Fall 2017 (syllabus | evals)
Fall 2018 (syllabus)

Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology (PSY 201)
Introduction to statistical methods for undergraduate psychology majors.
Spring 2018 (syllabus | evals)
Spring 2019 (syllabus)


Statistics (PSYC 200), Spring 2014 (evals), Spring 2016 (evals)
Introduction to statistical methods for undergraduate psychology majors.

Decision Neuroscience (PSYC 458 / ECON 263), Fall 2013 (evals), Fall 2014 (evals)
An overview and examination of the neuroscience of decision making. Interdisciplinary course highlighting research from cognitive neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, finance, marketing, computer science, and public health. Topics include reinforcement learning, risky decision making, intertemporal choice, social decision making, impulsivity and self control, development and aging, psychopathology, and commercial (e.g., neuromarketing) and public health applications.