Funded grant applications

Nearly all of our lab funding has come from the National Institute on Aging (NIA/NIH). We’ve received smaller pilot grants and one foundation contract that are not shared here. Budget sections have been removed in some cases to keep salary information confidential. Some non-PI biosketches were also removed. Score sheets are provided. We hope these serve as useful examples for others. Please do not copy or take anything from these proposals without talking to us about it.

Research Grants


(All RO1s funded so far have been MPI so waiting for approval from other PIs before sharing)

Effects of Aging on Episodic Memory-Dependent Decision Making (R01-AG058574) (MPI w/ Roberto Cabeza)

June 2017: application | review (score: 28)

Dopaminergic Neuromodulation of Decision Making in Young and Middle-Aged Adults (R01-AG) (MPI w/ David Zald)

February 2012: application | review (score: 23 / 13%)

March 2013: application | review (score: 17 / 3%)

Network Grants


Research Network on Decision Neuroscience and Aging (R24-AG054355)

January 2016: application | review (score: 20)


Short Courses in Neuroeconomics and Social Neuroscience (R25-AG053213)

September 2015: application | review (score: 19)

Career Awards


Neuromodulation of motivated cognition and decision making across adulthood (K99/R00-AG042596)

October 2011: application | reviews (score: 18)

R00 conversion: application



Imaging the human reward system across the adult life span (F32-AG039131)

April 2010: application | reviews (score: 52)

August 2010: application | reviews (score: 19)


Incentive learning and decision making in the aging brain (F31-AG032804)

December 2007: application | reviews (score: 167)

April 2008: application | reviews (score: 142)